At a Loss, But Gain!

Written by Corae Young

March 17, 2024

It has become more evident since the COVID-19 pandemic that more organizations and faith-based entities are “at a loss.” Many of these organizations, and the people that serve with them, have lost direction, motivation and resources. People have grown exhausted from the work, the growing need, the increased challenges with sustainability. People have emerged with new ideologies, philosophies and values that they didn’t have before March 2020, or at least didn’t voice them until afterwards. With this new wave of people with different thought processes, it has caused many organizations to be thrown a “curve ball” to their original plans. Staff and volunteers that they once depended on have now faded away for varying reasons, and organizations now have to re-invent who they are and what their values are to give clarity to rest of their teams and members.

During this time of transition, it is important to have in the forefront, what do we want to do? What comes with that question may mean your pre-COVID mission may now be different. Who you thought was in line for succession may be different. Who you may have depended on previously may be someone new. And who is now in your corner more than ever may be someone you least expected.
It is okay to sometimes be “at a loss.” But what’s truly important is that you regain your purpose. Regain a new charge. The loss that you experienced may have been the necessary gain that you needed to effectively grow. Oftentimes we think a loss is something that is an assumed negative. We think the loss of someone or something means that we are no longer able to move forward in a certain direction. However, we have to rethink that the loss may have really been the direction that we needed to take to go in the direction where we are purposed to move.

During this time of transition, we need to seek God for the true direction and strategy He wants us to follow. Place a team of people around you that will not just uplift that, but also provide you with the support and engagement that you need. In some instances, going through the pandemic was the reality we needed to see to truly know who’s in our corner. There may be a new generation of leaders that have risen up that you now need to move the mission forward. These folks may not all be your “cheerleaders,” but they may be people who can provide constructive criticism in a manner that’s life-changing and supportive. Notice that I said someone who provides constructive criticism should be seen as support, not a hindrance. Be okay with listening to the truth! Sometimes listening to the truth and gaining knowledge on next steps will be beneficial to your growth and success. You’re not an effective leader if you can’t be open to constructive criticism from your team. Your success as a leader is also assumed as their success, and vice-versa, and everyone wants to be on a winning team. Sometimes you have to pivot to regain your footing. Sometimes that curve ball you’ve been thrown, with the help of a supportive team, will help you reach the home run that you’re all batting for! But, you gotta be willing to lose in order to gain.

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