Young Consulting Services (YCS) provides diverse offerings, based upon the individualized needs of the organization. An initial consultation is done to assess the organizational needs, its goals, and the services that YCS can provide to help support the organization reaching its goals. Here is a small highlight of some of the services that YCS offers.

Trainings offered

  • What is Your Mission and How do You Fund It?

  • Do You Need a Nonprofit?

  • How to Successfully Prepare and Write Grant Proposals

  • Faith Series: Faith & Works; Faith & Ethics

  • Board Development

  • How to Start a Nonprofit

  • How to Operate Your Nonprofit Effectively

  • Know Your Community

  • Building Partnerships and Collaboration

  • Mental Health First Aid (for adults)

Individualized Technical Assistance/Consulting

  • Helping to Develop Your Mission & Services

  • Budget development

  • Grant research

  • Grant writing

  • Grant preparation

  • Establish nonprofit status and follow-up support

  • Policies & Procedures development

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